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Wegtam Search Agent
Wegtam Enterprise Search Technology
Advanced search technology for high efficient search in distributed data sources and the internet. More
Tensei Data
Tensei Data Migration
Tensei data is our tool for your advanced data integration, modification and transformation. More
Wegtam Free Search
Wegtam Free Online Search
The Wegtam search provides a free access to knowledge, focuses on the relevant content and minimizes commercial influence. More

Wegtam Search Agent

Wegtam Search Agent Technology

The "Wegtam Search Agent" allows the integration and connection of different data sources and makes them searchable. Examples of possible data sources are: Databases, Internet sources, Search engines, Catalogs.

The integration and aggregation of distributed data is an essential part of the search process. Therefore, we combine meta-search technology with the best of traditional search engines and call it: Hybrid-Search.

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Tensei-Data is our tool for your advanced data integration, modification and transformation.
It simplifies the integration of diverse systems and provides manual and automatic functionalities for the migration between incompatible data sources.
The possibility of reusing existing recipes shortens the transformation process.

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Wegtam Search Agent

Wegtam Free Online Search

Wegtam Free Online Search

Support for the free knowledge in the web

Every single search query of our users helps us to create an independent search index. Thereby we can simplify the access to information, improve the search results and minimize the commercial influence.

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